Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meta Mojo Remojonation Blog Meta Plan Post Blog

This blog needs some new mojo or something. New description etc.

Here's stuff I do that is "bloggable":

  1. Music Stuff
    1. Guitar Technician Stuff
      1. Basic Tech Stuff
      2. Tech "experiments"
    2. DIY Audio Recording Stuff
      1. Basic Audio Recording (in linux)
        1. LADSPA effects
        2. Software
      2. Recording technique "experiments"
      3. Noodling that results from recording technique
    3. Equipment "tour" Review videos
    4. Video Production Stuff
      1. Basic Video Editing (in linux)
      2. Video editing experiments
      3. Video encoding process (in linux)
    5. Actual full-fledged videosongs
    6. Songwriting
    7. Album reviews
      1. New Albums
      2. Old Albums
      3. Johnny Cash Albums
  2. Book stuff:
    1. Book reviews (including synth books)
    2. Book vlogs a la Fragment Friday
  3. Electronics stuff:
    1. Pedals
      1. Pedal Design
        1. Mainstream and/or Boutique pedals
        2. DIY
      2. Pedal Construction
      3. Pedal Mods
      4. Pedal Reviews
    2. Synth Theory
      1. "top-down" (modules, waveforms, topology0
      2. "bottom-up" (transistors, etc)
    3. Circuits 101
    4. Synth Circuit demonstrations

I think I should be able to get on a schedule or something. For instance, I could assign a percentage to each big topic--I could make a decision along the lines of "I want 30% of my posts to be about synthesizers". I could look in my archives and notice that only 25% of my posts had been about synthesizers, and then, well, I'd know what my next post topic would be.

Then I could subdivide each big topic into percentages for each subtopic, etc.

I'll probably make a spreadsheet. By the gods, I sure do love spreadsheets.

I feel like this kind of system would help me stay diligent about posting, and also ease the difficulty of deciding not just what post to make next, but what kind of work I should be doing IRL! If my next post is supposed to be about a song I've written and I haven't written any ... well I guess it's time to write a song!

I think I'm not going to post the percentages publicly, mostly because I don't want people telling me "ZOMG you did it wrong" and also so I can reserve the right to tweak the numbers.

Do you think I'm missing anything? Which of these topics sounds the least boring? Which sounds the least interesting?

The audience I wish I had has just as many "non-techie" types as "techie" types. Don't feel like you shouldn't comment just because you find all of the listed topics boring.

Also of course ... how do I wrap up that list of topics into a sentence that describes me?


  1. That reminds me, Bloggiesta is in 2 weeks. You should sign up! It's where we all do bloggy things together while drinking. :P

    1. Heck yes! It's still hosted at Maw Books, correct?

  2. Thanks for the comment, haha. Yes it would take a lot to stop me from dancing. I'm not dancing at my best thats for sure.... kind of sluggish but it'll do. As far as your blog, anything Mr. Shurlds writes will certainly appeal to the educated masses. I wish I had more of a blog schedule like you are referring to!

    1. If only I actually USED it! One day, one day.