Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Statuses

Trying to think up everything I'm currently "working on". More for myself, but thought I'd post it anyway. You can let me know what sounds coolest/most promising if you want.


Cover of A Perfect Circle - "Three Libras"

Got all the arrangement done and recorded the vocal track. Still need to record two dobro tracks, still need to decide how many other tracks there will be and what they will be. I was thinking beat-boxing but that might be too ridiculous. Also need to decide if there will be a second vocal track. (Then the standard mixing, mastering, and video editing. Then the automated rendering, encoding, and uploading.)

Cover of Badly Drawn Boy - "Stone on the Water"

Initial decisions are beginning to be made, and that is about it. Transcription done, that's a decent start. Still need to finalize instrumentation decisions and record the tracks, (then the usual final six steps).

Cover of Elliott Smith - "Somebody That I Used to Know"

I can barely play this guitar part, so I am arranging it for other instruments. I was thinking something similar to what I'm doing for "Stone on the Water", but two like that so close to each other might be lame. Maybe keyboards? I'm even worse at those than I am at that guitar part though. So still need to decide instrumentation, finish arrangement, record tracks, then finalize.

Gravy Song

Then I told Gravy that I would music-ize his poetry, possibly in the style of Metallica. That was a long time ago but I'll still do it. It will probably be crappy though.

Old Songs

I want to start redoing some old instrumental psychedelic post-rock music that I made a whole ton of a few years ago. Some of it is bad and some is good but unfortunately all of the good ones sound really similar. I want to take a few of those and just make a better, more intelligent, restraint-exercising version. Also do that for "Comfortable", easily the best song I've ever recorded, which was in 2008 I think.


I have two posts in progress, one about the physics of sound and the type of language that music theorists and physicists have to use to describe the things that I want to describe in later posts. I want to blog about synthesizers but I have a feeling that this kind of stuff is boring to people who are not yet interested in it, so I am trying really really hard to unboringize it in two ways: making sure the writing is perfect and also easy to read and understand, and by generating interest by posting about other, tangentially related things beforehand. Hopefully as I do more and more of recordings I will start using the digital synths I run with them and that will be a good start. Then I will probably also start posting about other, more easily relate-able topics like analog vs digital and things like guitar effects--topics that share a lot of things with synth building but either require less technical knowledge or that could be made really easy to demostrate with a vlog of me playing with them.

The second post I have in progress is a link page to synth resources on the 'net, intended to be looked back on in the future once I've written tons of over things.

Other posts I have in mind are like descriptions of my production process and details about the instruments and other equipment I own.


I'm not really close to starting my actual synth building. I might try and make that a New Years Resolution? Just build one module at a time until I get that going. That is another thing I should post about--the fact that I plan on using as many recycled parts as I can.

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  1. I vote the Elliot Smith song, but that's the only one that I know.