Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Noodling: Dual Amps

Maybe I was bored last night, so I guess I threw this together. It's just some noodling with a certain special technique for getting a crazy tone. I've got my guitar being amplified by two amps, one clean and one dirty, and then micing both of them separately and mixing them at slightly different pan points.

Basically I am using my Boss DD-6 Digital Delay as a signal splitter. There are much less expensive ways to do it but this is what I had laying around. Later on I played with some ping-pong delay anyway, so I'm not wasting the pedal.

Anyway what is interesting is that the dirty tone has crunch, but all the dynamics and note attack get compressed out by the crunchiness. The clean tone preserves all of the picking noise and percussiveness of electric guitar but doesn't have the extra harmonics of the dirty tone. Mixing them together gives you all of these and also you get more interesting room sound with two mics, sort of.

The noodling is pretty boring, but starting at like 6 minutes into the video it starts getting good, when I do this old song "Light" with the ping-pong delay.

Anyway I hope that was remotely entertaining... sorry that the video is so dark. I need more lamps.

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