Thursday, December 9, 2010

The DS Sleeps Alone Tonight

The other day I mentioned in passing the Korg DS-10. It is a digital synthesizer for the Nintendo DS--meaning that it is very small and also very affordable, costing about the same as any other DS cartridge. Supposedly it is an emulator for the beloved Korg MS-10 semi-modular analogue synthesizer. It has most of the same features as the MS-10 (and adds some) but the tone really doesn't come close.

But I don't care, it's still a really cool device and really fun to play, and that's what matters, sometimes. I have this dream where I will be in an electro group that only uses tiny instruments, maybe I said that already in the post about the Korg Monotron though.

Anyway there is a song that I cover seemingly all the time, and I decided to do it on the DS-10, to show you what it can sound like. I made a video because I wanted to practice my video-making chops. The A/V sync is almost, but not quite, perfect, which bums me out. Anyway I did it in a kind of vlog form. If you only care about seeing the actual song, go check it out on youtube.

Also I moved my studio to a different room. I talk about that a tiny bit but not too much.

[Played on a Nintendo DS with Korg DS-10 cartriged and a MXL condenser mic, mixed in analog on a Behringer mixer down to two tracks into an M-Audio audiophile 2496 PCI soundcard, digitally recorded in ardour using jack, in ardour gain automation and ladspa effects SC4 and plate reverb were added, then exported to audacity and mastered. A/V sync and video editing in cinelerra. Encoded to flv by ffmpeg then uploaded to youtube using ... firefox.]


  1. The fade/echo effect at the end was pretty wicked. I'm impressed you can do so much with a DS cartridge!

  2. @heidenkind OK actually the reverb at the end was done in post-production. It does have a built in echo but you can't automate the way I had it wash out in the end easily.